Erial (Blasted Heath) Maleza (Bad Weed) Witch Walker Política correcta (Right Policy) Doble Sesión (Double Feature)

Erial (Blasted Heath)

Sci-Fi comedy (post-production)

Maleza (Bad Weed)

Horror thriller movie (filming)

Witch Walker

Action Thriller movie (post-production)

Doble Sesión (Double Feature)

Adventure comedy movie


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See the curriculum of the Director, Rubén Arnaiz


We offer the management of technical equipment and material in Spanish territory, as well as all legal aspects.   -We take care of renting the equipment of the film crew and its custodian, as well as providing the rest of the human technical equipment that is missing for the shooting.   -Accommodation, travel and everything related to production.   -We will also take care of the contracts, and everything related to legal aspects offering comfort and guarantees. We are honest and hard-working people.       ROLLING IN SPAIN   -The benefits of shooting in Spain are a tax deduction of 25% to 50% in the following year, if at least 50% of the shooting takes place in Spanish territory. This also includes the economic expenses in advertising and promotion, and copies of the film to be released in theaters.   -The foreign producer will form an AIE (Economic Interest Grouping) with which it will enter as a co-producer: it only takes a single person from the foreign producer and a person from Spain, to form the AIE. This will remain open while the movie is generating money.   -It can be filmed in any language, without imposing Spanish.

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