«Púrpura»(Purple) (In development) (Web Series)


An anthology about the horrible things that women suffer every day, because of men: Sexual abuse, rape, sexual reification, pederasty or slavery of beauty. Narrated in contexts of science fiction and fantasy in 6 episodes.


«PÚRPURA» (PURPLE) is a series about women. Not with women, not for women, but with women. 75% of women have suffered or will experience sexual harassment throughout their lives. Women have or will have salaries 22% lower than those of a man, even being more qualified, just because they are women. They also charge 40% less. Only 18% of women access a high pension (from 700 euros). 54% of university students are women (and all with 10 percentage points above men), but only 16.8% are university professors. 82.2% of the unemployed personnel who «choose to take care of relatives» are women …

We could go on for lines and lines … And we could do something about it, too.
We, filmmakers, have the best way to translate these problems, as old as life, and so current that they frighten. Move it to image and sound.